Why Float?

Floating helps the body recover from injury, relieve stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and help clear the mind. We have selected our rates to keep the flotation experience affordable so that you can float on a regular basis. After all, making flotation therapy a practice allows you to achieve the greatest results.

Our monthly memberships have been designed to be the best option for the regular floater. We also offer discounted floats in the form of a 3-Float package, which is a great option for a new floater since it takes a few floats to become accustomed to the process.

We also offer single floats, couple floats, gift certificates, and more! Please contact us with any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • First Float Procedure

    Before your float, you will have 6 minutes to shower, use the shampoo, and body wash provided. Please do not use the conditioner before your float but you’re welcome to use it afterward.

    We provide 2 different types of single-use earplugs. A wax earplug, and a foam one. Use whichever you prefer. We recommend putting your ear plugs in before you shower because once you're wet they won't stay in your ears as easily.

    We also provide A & D Ointment for any cuts or scrapes. This helps so the salt doesn't aggravate it.

    There is a float pillow hanging inside the tank to help prop up your head if you have trouble relaxing.

    Inside your float room you will see 2 buttons to control the music and lights. Lights are just on and off. Music can be adjusted high, medium, low, and off.

    You will hear an intro track after the 6 minutes for your shower, after that your music will come on. At the end of your float you will hear an exit track prompting you to exit the tank. You will have 5 minutes for a quick shower after your float.

    After your float you can enjoy a cup of tea in our post-float lounge. We also have a powder room with a blow dryer for getting ready before you head out.

  • What is floating?

    A float tank has been described as ‘the perfect bathtub’. It is roughly 8’x5’, and is enclosed but never locks. It holds just about one foot of water and has over 1200 lbs of Epsom salt dissolved inside. This allows you to effortlessly float in water that is 93.5 degrees which is skin-receptor neutral. You'll have the unique experience of weightlessness; you cannot sense where the air stops and the water begins on your body. The tanks and rooms are totally insulated from sound, and you have the opportunity for lights and music, or complete sensory deprivation. During a float, people may think of nothing, write plot of a book, visualize how to improve their golf game, meditate, or fall asleep.

    Since the 1950s, float therapy has been researched extensively. There are many articles and research papers to prove that the benefits of floating go beyond the placebo effect. Many conditions and illnesses can be alleviated during a floatation session, such as muscle aches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, PTSD, depression, stress reduction, and more.

    Floatation groups have shown dramatically increased scores when compared to control groups in various studies. The results show improvements in sleep quality, optimism, pain, and mindfulness. For these reasons, the Celtics, Tom Brady & the NE Patriots, and US Military use float therapy.

  • What is the difference between a Float Session and a Deluxe Float Session?

    Our standard Float Suite can accommodate 1 person. You get to choose a colored light and a meditation soundtrack for your float, you are also able to control these while floating. The room is 7’ 6” tall and 4’ 8” wide.

    Our Deluxe Float Suite can accommodate 1 or 2 people. You get to choose a colored light and a meditation soundtrack for your float, and you also have a fiber optic starlight ceiling! You are able to control all of these while floating. The room is 7’ 6” tall and 6’ 11” wide. The extra space allows 1 person to spread out, or 2 people to comfortably float together!

  • What is the cleaning process?

    The water in the float tank has 1200+ pounds of Epsom salt in it which keeps most microorganisms from growing, similarly to the Dead Sea.  In between every float, the water is completely pumped three full times through a UV/ozone/peroxide purification filter system, similar to those used in municipal drinking water systems. For more information visit https://www.superiorfloattanks.com/filtration our manufacturer. In addition to this, the water is tested daily to maintain required levels. Everyone who enters the float tank is required to shower thoroughly before their float. The tanks and shower area are also cleaned between each float.

  • What makes me float?

    The 1200+ pounds of Epsom Salt makes everything more buoyant. Think of the Dead Sea!

  • What if I'm claustrophobic?

    Typically people with claustrophobia report no problems. Once inside, you lose track of the walls and it feels as though you are in space. Doors can always be propped open if desired. The tank is just short of a queen-sized bed in width and a little longer, so it is a large space. If you don't feel claustrophobic inside your car, you likely will feel fine inside of our tanks. The ceiling is 7 feet tall, so you can comfortably stand in the tank.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

    If you need to remove contacts (which we recommend if you have them), bring a case for those and glasses. We have towels, ear plugs, face wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a neck pillow. You are welcome to bring anything else with you prefer to wash with or get ready with after your float. As an additional tip, try to avoid shaving and caffeine on the day of your float.

  • Do I need a swimsuit?

    The float rooms have showers and are private so you don't need a swimsuit. If you would really like one, you are free to bring one, but wearing anything in the tank typically leads to minor discomforts and distractions.

  • When is it not OK to float?

    We kindly ask that if you have communicable skin disease, contagious illness, or have had chemotherapy treatment within 21 days that you wait to float. If your hair has been recently dyed, permed, or has any treatment that prevents it from being washed thoroughly, then we ask you wait to float. Hair dye is no longer a concern when it has stopped bleeding when it is being rinsed or there is no longer dye on towels. If you have recently had a tattoo, wait the allotted time before exposing it to water, typically around two weeks. If you've gotten a spray tan we have a strict policy regarding the time period. If your spray tan no longer stains towels or sheets than you are in the clear otherwise it will ruin your tan, and our tanks which will also result in a $1000 fine to accommadate sanitation fees.

  • What if I fall asleep?

    It happens all the time! If you fall asleep due to the deep relaxation you experience, you will stay afloat due to the buoyancy created by the 1200+ pounds of Epsom Salt in the water. Your face will remain above the water line. When your session is complete, a voice recording will let you that it's time to get out.

  • What is the research behind floating?

    Floating has been around for over 50 years and has completely changed from then.  There are many studies that have been conducted. Check out Clinical Floatation for all of the studies available on float therapy.

  • What if I want to Float and use the Sauna in the same day?

    Some people prefer to use the sauna prior and others prefer to use it after their float session. If you choose to use it prior we reccomend waiting an hour inbetween sessions or taking a cooler shower before your float. If you'd rather utilize the sauna after your float, go right ahead!

  • Is there an option for music in the sauna?

    Yes! In our Sunlighten saunas there are options for music. We provide an aux cord and dongle compatable for both Apple and Samsung devices. If you prefer the radio, we've got you covered. There is one already installed in the sauna and any staff member will be glad to show you how it works. All we ask is that music is played at a respectful volume.

  • Can I bring music?

    Yes, you can. We have speakers in the tanks, so you can bring your favorite meditation music to listen to. We have a few different tracks already loaded into the tank that you can choose from as well. A sample of these tracks can be found here. If you are going for the sensory deprivation experience, you should avoid music.

  • Can I bring water into the sauna?

    We ask that you do not bring water/liquids into the sauna. This is because of the wiring and panels in the sauna itself. However, you are more than welcome to bring water into your room and set it on the table right outside of the sauna door. It's important to stay hydrated so do drink at least 8oz before your session.

  • How does the IR Sauna differ from a regular sauna?

    Our Sunlighten IR Sauna differs from a regluar sauna due to the distribution of heat. In a far infrared sauna you are being heated rather than the air. The heat feels like you are basking in the sun but minus the steam that other saunas have.

  • What if I am on my period?

    If you're on your menstrual cycle we suggest using a fresh tampon or menstrual cup.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask our staff!

  • Is floating covered by insurance?

    No, not yet. We do have hope it will be in the future. Some HSA cards may work for alternative therapies, but it really depends on the insurance company. It is best to call and check with your HSA provider.

  • Is the facility wheel chair accessible?

    Our building is wheelchair accessible. The float rooms however are not, strictly speaking, wheelchair accessible from an ADA perspective. The float tanks require stepping or being lifted 2 feet off the ground and then setting down 2 feet into the tank. We are not able to assist anyone in and out of the tank, but a family member or friend could go in the float room and assist. Floating can be a large help in assisting those who have muscle pain and soreness as well as relaxing the central nervous system. We want to be able to assist as many people who need this therapy as possible, so we are working on as many ways as we can to accommodate as many people as possible.

  • What if I have incontinence?

    In order to use our float tanks, we do require full control of your bodily functions. Sadly, those with unpredictable urinary and intestinal function should not float. This is a safety concern for everyone and we strive to have a clean facility. Any known incident regarding loss of bodily functions will result in a bill of up to $1000 to accommodate sanitation fees.

  • What is your policy for minors?

    The floater age policy is as follows:

    Ages 16-17: Parent signature (the parent does not need to remain on-premise)

    Ages 14-15: Parent on-premise (lobby or floating in a separate room)

    Ages 12-13: Parent in the Float room or floating together

    Younger than 12: Not permitted

Float Membership
  • Monthly Membership- $80/month
  • Includes a float session monthly
  • Add'l float sessions - 20% off
  • Sauna sessions - 40% off
  • Retail Items - 10% off
Sauna Membership

  • Monthly Membership- $50/month
  • Includes two sauna sessions monthly
  • All float sessions- 20% off
  • Add'l sauna sessions- 40% off
  • Retail Items- 10% off
  • Add a guest to your sauna session for only $5

Membership auto-renews monthly on the day you signed up. Your guests that schedule a session at the same time as you can use your discounts and/or credits. Membership service credits expire after 6 months. No hidden fees, and only a two-month commitment.

90 Minute Floats

  • Standard Float - $80*
  • Deluxe Float (1 Person) - $100*
  • Deluxe Float (2 People) - $140*
Infrared Sauna

  • 45-Minute Session (1 Person) - $30*
  • 45-Minute Session (2 People) - $40*

Both include Acoustic Resonance Therapy in a private suite. 


  • 3x Standard Floats - $210* ($240 value)
  • 3x Deluxe (One Person) - $270* ($300 value)
  • 3x Deluxe for Two - $390* ($420 value)
  • 5x Sauna sessions - $125* ($150 value)
Contrast Therapy
  • Infrared sauna & cold plunge (1 Person) - $50
  • Infrared sauna & cold plunge (2 People) - $65
Massage Therapy
  • 60 min massage - $80
  • 90 min massage - $120
Energy & Sound Healing
  • 90 min session - $120

A combination of Reiki & Tuning Fork therapy.

  • Please be aware that all sales are final, and no refunds will be given for a cancellation. Appointments can be rescheduled with 24-hour advance notice. Appointments that are canceled within 24-hours before the scheduled appointment time will be charged the full amount of the service.
  • If you no show a scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full amount of the service.
  • Please arrive on time. A late arrival will result in a shortened session, as we have a duty to keep the following appointments on schedule. We prefer that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your session. Newcomers, please arrive 15 minutes early for a quick introduction before your session begins.

* Prices shown are for cash pay customers and members, Insurance rates may vary.

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