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What is floating?

A sensory deprivation tank also called an isolation tank or most commonly known as floatation tank is used for restricted enviromental stimulation therapy (REST). It's a dark, soundproof tank that holds just about one foot of water and has over 1,200 lbs of epsom salt dissolved inside. This allows you to effortlessly float in water that is 93.5 degrees which is skin-receptor neutral. You'll have the unique experience of weightlessness; you cannot sense where the air stops and the water begins on your body. The tanks and rooms are totally insulated from sound. You have the opportunity for lights and music, although true sensory deprivation is one without. Floating has proven to help reduce anxiety, lower stress, and aid those who suffer from PTSD. Physically there is zero pressure on any joints or muscles allowing the body to relax and release tension. This permits the body and mind to enter theta state. Theta state is one of very deep relaxtion; the brain waves are slowed down to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Our sessions are 90 minutes long, giving you plenty of time to unwind and recharge!

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